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  • Experienced litigators personally handling each file.

  • Attorneys with vast experience and great knowledge of the motor carrier/trucking industry.

  • "Crash" team available to our trucking clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Proven "crash" protocols to be employed in the event of any major injury or death event.

  • Sophisticated litigators who can none-the-less put drivers and witnesses at ease and gain their confidence and cooperation

  • A team of hand picked and proven experts, including accident reconstructionists who arrive on site with us within hours of a major accident to preserve and record evidence and protect our clients’ interests.

  • Certified paralegals from ABA approved universities.

  • Highly responsive to each client’s individual litigation needs.

  • Immediate incorporation of new technology due to our flexibility and "boutique" size

  • In-house litigation seminars tailored to address your company’s or client’s needs.

  • Internal audit controls monitoring costs and expenses on each file.

  • Extremely reasonable rates due to no "big firm" overhead.

  • Flexible billing methods.

  • Automated e-filing capability state-wide.

  • State of the art digital technology, including scanning, CD-ROM and DVD burning, document transmittal [including but not limited to Word Perfect, Word, PDF, JPEGs, etc.], and document storage.

  • The most up-to-date technology