Ghormley & Associates, APC

Ghormley & Associates is a legal boutique headquartered in Irvine, California specializing in civil litigation, with a core client base and expertise focused on serving the business community, the commercial transportation and trucking industries, as well as the insurance industry.

The attorneys in the firm are exceptional litigators who come from large firm and corporate backgrounds and have found the boutique environment to be far more agile and responsive to our clients’ needs. We have dispensed with the overhead and cumbersome politics of the large firm and are immediately able to incorporate any change in direction and style that a particular client demands.

We pride ourselves in being immediately responsive to any client requirements, including having a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week crash team available for our trucking clients wherein we can travel to any location in the Western United States within hours, along with our hand selected expert witnesses who survey, photograph, and memorialize any accident scene, preserving critical evidence that would deteriorate within the passage of even a few days.

Given our size and agility, we can incorporate any new technological changes as soon as those changes are proven and found to be reliable. We provide big firm sophistication and intellect at significantly more reasonable rates.

We absolutely appreciate the drain both financially and mentally that being involved in litigation imposes upon our clients and their employees, and actively pursue mediated and arbitrated results when the same is desirable.

However, when litigation is inevitable, when a trial must be had and a jury impaneled, there are none finer. Scott Ghormley has taken over 90 cases to a jury verdict and has an impeccable and impressive resume of wins for his clients. We are utterly cognizant of the costs associated with the litigation process, and therefore act as stewards of the resources of our clients. We therefore have developed an impeccable cadre of exceptional professionals who work regularly as expert witnesses for us, are trial tested and proven, and who have a track record of victories along with us both in trial, mediation and arbitration.

Ghormley & Associates handles litigation throughout California, and indeed manages litigation throughout the West Coast and states west of the Rocky Mountains. Our location immediately adjacent to John Wayne Airport in Orange County and at the confluence of Interstates 405, 5 and State Route 55 give us immediate and timely access to Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego counties. We additionally handle cases throughout the state in a very economical fashion, and where appropriate making appearances telephonically, and attending depositions in the same fashion, and utilizing all technology available to us to minimize costs to our clients.

Each attorney in our office is a proven litigator and each file is handled by an attorney with significant trial experience.  Our attorneys are assisted by a highly educated, technologically savvy, innovative and unrivaled administrative staff. They are degreed, skilled and utilize fully automated legal support systems.

Lastly, we have an intimate knowledge of the workings of the commercial motor carrier, trucking industry. We understand our clients’ operations, we understand their equipment, we know their training programs and safety procedures, we have personal relationships with the individuals throughout their organizations who represent claims, risk management, safety, security, driver training, maintenance, logging audit, operations, and so forth. We know where to go to get what we need, we know who to contact for the information we require, and we understand the industry and the organizations that work within that industry.

In short, we are an extension of the client, the client’s interests and as a result, the client receives exceptional, knowledgeable, and economical legal representation.

We know who you are, we know your concerns, we know how the opposition will attempt to attack you, and we know how to protect you.



Each member of our firm is imbued with our litigation philosophy "excellent, dedication, loyalty and efficiency."  In today's legal marketplace where legal costs can quickly spiral out of control, we are stewards of your resources. 

It is always our goal to provide excellent legal representation. We utilize the most efficient methods to make sure that only the necessary work is done to bring each case to a successful resolution so each client gets the most "legal bang for the buck."